NET’s recent Phase Two project more than doubled the size of Nottingham’s tram network. Passengers now benefit from 17.5km of new track and 28 new tram stops, giving easy access to many of the area’s largest employers.

Turning a vision into a reality

The NET Phase Two project built on the undoubted success of the existing 14km tramway linking Hucknall and Pheonix Park to the City Centre by delivering two further lines to Chilwell and Clifton.

It involved the creation of dramatic new landmark structures, the addition of 17.5km of new track and two major new park and ride sites, the provision of 22 new trams along with improved service frequencies and the introduction of new smartcard ticketing technology.

The original system attracted some 8 million passenger journeys each year and, as they build in popularity, the new lines are expected to more than double that number.

“Our aim is to set exemplar standards in terms of our ongoing operations, ensuring that the tram remains the backbone of Nottingham’s public transport network.”

Tramlink Nottingham’s Chief Executive, Adrian Wallace

As well as helping to tackle congestion, the expanded network has further raised Nottingham’s international profile and should ultimately boost the local economy, directly and indirectly, by creating up to 8,000 local jobs.

It has provided a step change in public transport provision which, over the years to come, will help to transform what is already one of the country’s core regional cities into a location which has real prominence on an international scale.

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